In a recent collaboration, ETS partnered with a prominent pharmaceutical factory in Macau to optimize its safety and efficiency protocols. The factory, renowned for its commitment to quality and compliance, sought a comprehensive solution for inspecting process pipelines, both liquid and gas, and ensuring precise temperature control. 


Exceptional Solution: Superior Imaging

The FOTRIC 340A Thermal Imaging Camera, strategically deployed by ETS to meet the factory's stringent requirements. This cutting-edge thermal imaging device offers 3 unparalleled advantages.



 1. High Thermal Sensitivity

With a remarkable thermal sensitivity of 0.03 degrees, the FOTRIC 340A enables the detection of even the tiniest temperature variations. This exceptional sensitivity ensures early detection of potential issues, allowing for proactive maintenance and preventing costly downtime. Check the video out to find out tips in choosing the Right Temperature Mode.


 2. Fusion Imaging Capability

One of the standout features of the FOTRIC 340A is its fusion imaging capability, which allows simultaneous display of both thermal and real images. This unique feature enhances the clarity and context of inspection results, enabling operators to precisely identify areas of concern and make informed decisions swiftly. 

Real life image displaying.

Thermal image displaying.

Fusion image displaying.

Thermal Image of pipes in pharmaceutical factory

Converted into real-world images while retaining each pixel's temperature detail 


 3. Free-of-charge Software Package

The FOTRIC 340A includes a free and user-friendly “AnalyzIR” PC Software, which offers a suite of powerful features for advanced data analysis. With capabilities such as Temperature Plot, 3D graph, and Histogram, users can visualize thermal data with precision and clarity. Additionally, the software facilitates Stitching and Segmentation of radiometric videos, allowing for seamless integration of multiple thermal images. It also provides the convenience of recording up to 1TB full-radiometric video files, which can be opened in just 2 seconds. This ensures seamless report generation, recording, and annotation, facilitating detailed documentation of inspection findings. Its intuitive interface empowers users to annotate thermal images with text, enhancing clarity and facilitating communication within the team.  

Customized Solution for pharmaceutical factory


By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the FOTRIC 340A Thermal Imaging Camera, ETS enabled the pharmaceutical factory to enhance its safety protocols, streamline inspection processes, and optimize temperature control measures.  


Motors and Pumps:



  • Detect early signs of failure, such as overheating bearings or windings. 
  • Schedule predictive maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime.



Electrical Systems: 



  • Identify loose or corroded connections by spotting abnormal heat patterns. 
  • Prevent potential electrical fires by resolving hot spots in junction boxes or control panels. 



HVAC Systems: 



  • Ensure air handling units operate within specifications for temperature and humidity control. 
  • Optimize system performance to maintain critical environmental conditions for product quality. 



Seal Inspection: 


  • Validate the integrity of heat seals on blister packs, bottles, and other containers. 
  • Detect insufficient or excessive heat application that could affect seal quality


Cold Chain Monitoring:


  • Ensure vaccines and biologics are stored at proper temperatures. 

  • Verify refrigerator and freezer performance to maintain product efficacy. 


Steam System Efficiency:


  • Identify failing steam traps that waste steam and increase energy costs. 
  • Monitor pipe insulation effectiveness to ensure steam is delivered at the correct temperature.





Just like this pharmaceutical factory, if you're seeking thermal imaging solutions, we have you covered. Optimize safety with the FOTRIC 340 or other reliable thermal imaging cameras. Reach out to us without delay to find the perfect solution tailored to your needs. 


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