Unveiling Photovoltaic Inverters

Dive into the world of photovoltaic inverters with our latest video! We demystify their functions, highlight the testing procedures involving photovoltaic simulators, and address the challenges faced in the industry.


Photovoltaic Inverter

An inverter, also known as an invert power supply, is a device that converts DC power into AC power. A photovoltaic inverter is specifically used in solar photovoltaic power generation systems, serving as an important component of such systems. The latest generation of photovoltaic inverters boasts several key features: higher inversion voltage, increased inversion power, improved efficiency, and enhanced reliability.


Testing & Measurement: Photovoltaic Simulator

To ensure the reliability of inverters, comprehensive testing is essential. Photovoltaic inverter testing utilizes a simulator to recreate diverse real-world scenarios encountered by solar cell arrays. It mimics output characteristics, I-V curves under varying conditions, and assesses shading effects. Real-time testing reveals maximum power tracking capabilities. The simulator evaluates both normal and abnormal AC inputs, measuring crucial electrical parameters. This comprehensive approach meets the criteria for testing grid frequency response, anti-islanding effects, and low-voltage ride-through capability in grid-connected inverters, ensuring their dependable and stable performance.




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