Electric Distribution System

Ensuring the stability of power distribution systems is of utmost importance in the electric utility industry and for large-scale corporations. To address this need, maintenance engineers can employ handheld thermal cameras to perform systematic and predictive maintenance on their power distribution systems in a safe and efficient manner.



Customer Challenge

The stability of power distribution systems is critical for the electric utility industry and large corporations. Unforeseen malfunctions in these systems can have a detrimental impact on the quality of life for a significant population and result in substantial financial losses for major corporations. Given the extensive size, complex structure, and hazardous nature of power cables and transformers, conducting a thorough inspection of every component and connection within the power distribution system is practically unfeasible.




The Solution

Our solution encompasses the use of FOTRIC handheld thermal cameras equipped with a 25° standard lens, providing comprehensive inspection capabilities for electric power distribution systems.



Advanced camera with a resolution of 640x480, specifically designed for maintaining 10KV electric systems.


featuring a resolution of 384x288, is well-suited for overhead lines


with a resolution of 160x120, is widely acknowledged for inspecting transformer boxes or cabinets



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