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CUHK – Wafer Measurement System

The mission of research team in CUHK is to conduct top-notch research and to develop innovative applications at various levels from electronic/photonic materials to devices and systems. They are actively engaged in several major research areas, namely, advanced electronic/photonic materials and devices; nanoelectronics and nanophotonics; advanced electronic packaging technologies; flexible electronics; advanced technologies for renewable energy. Such research involving nano-scale material requires equipment with high precision and high stability.


The resolution of the existing probe station is not small enough to support the measurement in nano-scale materials. As the measurement requires highly stable and EMF noise-free environment, the existing probe station does not have suitable accessory to endorse the demanding requirements for test environment. Other than probing with high precision, the measuring equipment should provide measurement data with high precision as well. Normally, such setup with such preciseness is very costly.

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Wafer Measurement System consists of Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer, Everbeing EB-4 4-inch Probe Station, Motic PSM1000 Microscope and a shielding box. The cost-effective EB-4 is the flagship probe station product line by Everbeing. It provides repeatable, accurate measurements in both DC and RF applications. As a measuring tool, EB-4 is handy for frequent user of probe station with multiple adjustable knobs and movable chuck which allows the user to freely fine-tune the position of DUT and the microscope. The system that comes with shielding box is placed on a vibration-free table to provide high stability and prevent micro-vibration from the surroundings. With 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer and micropositioner by Everbeing, the measurements can be made down to 1µm accuracy. 4200A also supports DC I-V Source Measure, AC Impedance Capacitance-Voltage, Pulsed I-V Pulse Measure, etc. for various research purposes. 4200A has all kinds of ability to perform measurements accurately and reliably makes it possible to obtain more precise and accurate data, which can help researchers to draw more accurate conclusions about the properties of their materials and devices.