Industry: Automotive

HKPC – Automotive EMF Measurement System 

Hong Kong Productivity Council offers offered various automotive related design, development and testing services. EMF (Electromagnetic Field) testing is a crucial process in the automotive industry. It plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electronic systems and components used in vehicles. The testing process is necessary to ensure that electronic components do not emit harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation that could pose a health risk to passengers or drivers. 


GBT 37130: Measurement methods for electromagnetic fields of automotive with regard to human exposure, is a Chinese national standard that specifies the technical requirements and test methods for electric vehicle (EV) conductive charging systems. According to the testing methods of GBT 37130, there are 7 measurement points on and under the passenger seats. Normally, the test will be taken 7 times separately to cover all the testing spots. However, testing separately is time-consuming, hence the cost will be increased significantly. 



The Automotive EMF Measurement System consisted of 7 sets of SMP3 Field Strength Meter and WP400C E&H Field Probe. With the customized car seat sized test jig, data can be taken at the required positions simultaneously. The test software that comes with SMP3 Field Strength Meter directly complies with GBT 37130. The test can be run automatically with the preset frequency range and time duration. The test results and test report can then be saved for further analysis.

During the test, each WP400C E&H Field Probe is connected to one SMP3 Field Strength Meter with extension cable. While the E&H Field Probes are placed on the probe holder fixing on the test jig, the Field Strength Meters are placed nicely on the test station during the test. The positions of probe holder are all adjustable for different designs of car seats. Every component in the system can be packed inside the test station after test.