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75 Lab Setups Enhance Practical Learning for Electronic Engineering Students

The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Electronic Engineering department has outfitted 75 lab setups with essential equipment to provide hands-on learning experiences that boost students' practical skills and reinforce theoretical coursework.


The power supplies in each lab setup feature a tutorial mode to guide students. They have functions for easy series and parallel connections and presets of 3.3V and 5V outputs useful for Arduino projects. This allows students to experiment with different circuit connections in a safe and controlled manner.


The Siglent signal generators are pre-installed with 196 types of relevant waveforms for experiments which greatly enhances teaching and testing varieties. Students can easily select the waveforms needed for circuit testing. The waveforms provide students practice analyzing voltage and current signals, observing how circuit components modify input signals.


The digital multimeters in each lab setup allow students to monitor circuit responses, identify issues, and confirm proper circuit function.


Overall, the 75 equipped lab setups provide experimental contexts for students to test ideas, prototype circuits, and iteratively improve their designs. The equipment - consisting of power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscopes and multimeters in each lab setup - forms an essential part of the university's electronic engineering program.