Successful launch of the EMC New Technology Seminar

ESE X AMETEK CTS Collaboration in Hefei

The New Energy Electromagnetic Compatibility Conducted Immunity and RF Testing Frontier Application Technology Seminar, co-hosted by ESE and renowned EMC manufacturer AMETEK CTS, was successfully held in Hefei on March 19th, 2024. The conference brought together experienced technical engineers and experts to discuss mature and advanced EMC solutions across various fields, including electric vehicles, new energy, and civil electronics.

In recent years, the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry has sparked new reforms in the standards and measurement methods for high-voltage components. The charging network has also accelerated in its development, presenting both business opportunities and challenges.



Ametek CTS: EMC and RF Test Standards

At the theme meeting on "Electromagnetic Compatibility and RF Standards and Applications" that started in the morning, Sun Yue, a senior application engineer at AMETEK CTS, shared information about EMC test standards and solutions for high-voltage components of electric vehicles. This included testing standards for electric vehicle parts such as ISO 21498-2, ISO 7637-4, LV123, and vehicle-related standards like IEC 61851, ECE REG 10. His presentation covered the entire ecosystem, including high-voltage ripple immunity, vehicle testing, and charging station testing. In addition, Ji Weidong, the RF business manager at AMETEK CTS, shared his insights on the interpretation and application of standards for automotive electronics, consumer products and medical engineering in the context of RF immunity testing.


Automotive Power Battery & EMC Testing

During the afternoon industry expert sharing session, EMC expert Hua Weiling from Shanghai Truron Testing Technology Co. presented "Automotive Power Battery EMC Standards and Typical Test Methods". The presentation covered three main sections: the fundamentals of power battery EMC, high-voltage ripple testing methods with case analysis, and high and low-voltage coupling testing methods with case analysis. Using actual cases, he analyzed common issues and their causes in EMC testing of power batteries. He suggested solutions and optimization measures, and discussed future developments in power battery EMC testing.


Household 3C Product & EMC Testing

Next, He Lingling, the director of Anhui Province Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, subsequently presented on the topic of "Household Appliance Product 3C Certification EMC Testing and Requirements". Data indicates that in 2023, national household appliance companies had an operating income of 1.84 trillion yuan, a 7% increase from the previous year. The total profit was 156.5 billion yuan, marking a 12.16% year-on-year increase. EMC testing is a significant part of the 3C certification process for home appliances. With the advent of diverse, personalized, and intelligent home appliances, this can often seem daunting. Director He shared practical cases on which appliances require EMC testing and how to perform this testing effectively.


ESE: Darkroom Site Calibration & EMC products

Lastly, ESE onsite application engineer, Liu Zheng, shared insights on the darkroom site calibration and introduced the relevant EMC products along with system integration solutions at ESE. Highlighting the importance of having the right tools for success, he showcased the "go-to tools" for efficient EMC testing from a product perspective.



Hua Weiling sharing on "Automotive Power Battery & EMC Testing". 

Ji Weidong shared his insights on RF immunity testing.

He Lingling presented on the topic of "Household 3C Product & EMC Testing Requirements".



The Hefei seminar was the first event co-hosted by ESE and AMETEK CTS this year, and it was a resounding success! Moving forward, we will maintain our customer focus, develop a high-quality service system with our professional partners, and collaborate with them to seek new development and build a new future. This will contribute to the high-quality development of the industry.


As the new energy industry develops rapidly and accelerates, unique challenges emerge for EMC conducted interference and RF testing in the era of electrification, networking, and intelligence. These challenges diverge from those of previous times. Transitioning from traditional testing towards new technical breakthroughs is the need of the hour. This includes researching and interpreting the latest international and industry standards, and designing and implementing specific testing schemes. Manufacturers and testing laboratories alike are in pursuit of efficient, safe, comprehensive, and customizable solutions. The aim is to find value-added products and services that offer a competitive edge in this dynamic industry.


Building on this trend, ESE and AMETEK CTS will continue their focus on the specified fields. We will pursue in-depth cooperation, working together to provide customers with top-quality, full-life-cycle EMC solutions for the mutual benefit of all parties. Contact our China Team to find our more about ESE Mainland collaborations:




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