ESE Group Teams Up with Audio Precision and GRAS

We are beyond excited to announce a significant milestone in ESE Group's journey. We are now officially the authorized distributors of two industry-leading brands in the audio industry, namely Audio Precision and GRAS in Hong Kong and Macau Region! This new partnership brings together the best of both worlds - our commitment to providing top-notch service and the unparalleled quality of Audio Precision and GRAS products.

Audio Precision

Audio Precision is a well-known brand around the world, famous for its top-quality audio analyzers. These are the go-to devices for testing audio. For over 40 years, Audio Precision has been making high-quality audio analyzers, accessories, and software. Engineers around the globe use them to design and make audio products for everyday consumers, professionals, and industries. These tools are vital for checking the quality and performance of audio equipment, making Audio Precision a favorite among professionals. Ongoing innovation has been a key theme for the organization since its founding, with market-leading Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N) performance, a wide range of digital interfaces, power-combined-with-ease-of-use software, and tools for electro-acoustic and perceptual audio testing. Hereby introducing their standout products, the APx555B and APx516B, which are known for their superior performance and reliability.



The APx555, a top-tier, dual-channel audio analyzer, is crafted without making any compromises.


  • Sine Frequency Range: 0.001 Hz to 80 kHz, DAC5 Hz to 204 kHz, Analog
  • Residual THD+N (22 kHz BW):
    –117 dB + 1.0 µV
    Typically <–120 dB (1 kHz, 2.0 V)
  • Amplitude Accuracy: ±0.03 dB
  • Flatness (5 Hz–20 kHz): ±0.008 dB




The APx516B Series Audio Analyzer presents a cost-effective modular solution for those in the electronic audio industry, all while maintaining the high standards of performance and service synonymous with Audio Precision. 

  • Residual THD+N (20 kHz BW)-100 dB + 2.0 µVTypical <-109 dB (1 kHz, 2.5V)
  • Sine Frequency Range 2.0 Hz to 80.1 kHz
  • Amplitude Accuracy±0.05 dB
  • Flatness (10 Hz – 20 kHz) ±0.008 dB




GRAS has established itself as a trusted brand in the realm of measurement microphones. The significance of selecting the right microphone for accurate and dependable measurements is crucial. GRAS offers a wide array of high-quality microphones, each meticulously designed for precise acoustic measurements. Their product range includes Standard Measurement Microphones, Specialty Microphones, Noise & Vibration Sensors, Ear & Mouth Simulators, and a variety of accessories. These are some of their product categories:


  •  Measurement microphone sets
  • Measurement microphone cartridges
  • Preamplifiers for microphone cartridges
  • Production line microphones
  • Ear simulator kits
  • Power modules
  • Artificial ears, ear & mouth simulators
  • Head & torso simulators
  • Test fixtures
  • Hemisphere kits





Ready to Purchase?
Limited-Time Discount Offer

To celebrate our partnership, we're excited to give you a special discount. From now until June 30, 2024, if you order Audio Precision and GRAS products worth more than HKD100,000, you can choose one of three discounts*:

1. Receive a complimentary Siglent SDS800X HD or SDS1000XHD

2. Secure a selected iPad for free 

3. Get a selected ThinkPad for free

To avail of this offer for online orders, please enter the promo code [ETSAPGRAS] at the checkout.


*Please note that the final rights to determine the applicability of the discount, its usage, and the provisions associated with it are solely and unequivocally reserved by Electronic Scientific Engineering Ltd. (ESE). ESE retains the authority to modify, withdraw or cancel the discount offer at any time, without any prior notice or explanation. The interpretation of the terms and conditions related to the discount is also the exclusive prerogative of ESE Ltd.


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