Are you prepared to revolutionize your industrial maintenance practices with the groundbreaking FOTRIC TD3-LD Acoustic Imaging Camera? Designed to identify Gas Leaks, Electrical Partial Discharges, and Mechanical Vibrations in industrial settings, the TD3-LD stands as the ultimate solution for pinpointing anomalies with precision. Its lightweight, ergonomically designed handheld structure ensures that no specialized training is necessary, rendering it accessible and user-friendly for all.

Acoustic Imaging Camera

Equipped with 96 built-in MEMS digital microphones, these cameras deliver precision ultrasonic information, even in noisy environments. Real-time acoustic image overlays on visible digital images allow precise defect source identification. Enhance gas supply consistency, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and maintain production safety with FOTRIC TD3.

Key Features

Microphone Channels



2kHz~ 96kHz
Bandwidth Range



0.3m~ 130m
Detection Distance



5 Inches
Touchscreen Display




Unlock Efficiency in Your Detections

Partial Discharge Detection

​TD3-LD swiftly identifies sound wave signals from electrical discharges, facilitating the early identification and effective handling of prospective issues to ensure the dependable operation of power equipment.

Gas Leak Detection

TD3-LD proficiently identifies a range of gas leaks, effectively averting energy wastage, equipment downtime, safety concerns, and environmental risks within industrial facilities.



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